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Reaching Out Privacy Statement

We here at Reaching Out are committed to protecting your privacy and security. We do NOT give out or sell any information about our members or visitors to any other party without your express consent. We at Reaching Out will never participate in SPAM.
Although we do request your first and last name when you sign up for group or chat services, we only do this for our classification purposes only. Your last name will not be revealed to anyone by Reaching Out, including your fellow group members, unless you give permission to do so. We do gather information about our members to share with other members at times for such events as birthdays and anniversaries. We may send these lists around in that member’s group, with their permission. However, we cannot be responsible for any consequences resulting from our members revealing any personal information about themselves to their fellow group members or visitors, in postings, in chat, or by any other means.
We also require anyone who signs up for a support group, hereby also known as “member” to agree to the following:
The groups may be visited by ALL ages. Therefore, ANY cussing, pornography (either pictures posted or discussed), flaming other members or staff or of people on other sites, or ANY other inappropriate act, deemed so by the staff, will not be allowed and could result in immediate banning of that member from the web site. They may no longer be able to be involved in chats or groups provided by this web site. So keep it clean! Keep it safe! Children may be here!
NO member of Reaching Out will give ANY personal information about anyone else outside their respected group. Basically, this means that everyone involved in a support group AGREES NOT to talk about anyone in their group to anyone outside of that group. This includes not only their own support group, but also if they come in contact with other Reaching Out support groups. The exceptions are if the person gives permission for that information to be sent around to other groups and/or they participate in a Reaching Out chat with other group member’s present. If, however, there is a comment made by someone which you feel is a breach of confidentiality, please report this to Reaching Out staff.
Reaching Out staff will also abide by the above conditions. Reaching Out staff does have, however, the following exceptions to these privacy policies:
We will release specific information about you or your participation on this site and any groups connected to it in order to comply with any valid legal process such as a search warrant, court order, or subpoena.
We will release information about you to appropriate people or authorities in the event that you use this site or any group associated with this site to commit any crime, to attempt any form of security breach of this site or its included groups, or any other act which Reaching Out feels needs to be documented to outside sources.
Reaching Out staff occasionally exchange information with other staff about other Reaching Out members.
We also reserve the right to eject any group or chat participant for any violation of our policies, deemed so by the staff.
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