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Expressions and Poetry

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Reaching Out’s Expressions

Listed below are poems/photos/paintings created by Reaching Out members (Outties). I think anybody with these illnesses will be able to relate to their content. If you wish to contact the author/artist, please state their name in the email and please do not use their creation in any way without their explicit permission. These are people who despite being terribly ill, still find the courage to create and therefore, deserve any accolades they may receive for their work.



The vastness of a thought...

November 14, 2006

The vastness of a thought…utterly endless
I realized this today…some thoughts must end,
Help carry on positive power and its power,
Love, hope, happiness… trust in who you are.
Construct, choose to pause, listen
feel good, thinking good, singing,

allowing an unfolding fluid reaction of wonder.

Linda M. Nagy
©Linda M. Nagy


©Karmen Naccarato

Purple and Orange Lily

© Linda Margaret Nagy

The Conflict I Face

I look at my fingers and am shocked.
My fingernails should be broken and pocked,
Because I am hanging on by a thread.
My thoughts are black and filled with dread.
The rope I am hanging from today
Is wearing thin and beginning to fray
The dark, ugly spiral is sucking me down.
Inside I am screaming though you won’t hear a
A minute is an hour; an hour a year.
Like I used to, the pain and fatigue continuously
Aching, burning, stabbing – relentless
Making my thoughts, my life…a mess.
The outlook is bleak, I am uncertain about life
My ideas and abilities are in strife
Will I ever accept IT; ever be at peace?
Will the torment, the horror ever cease?
© 2006 Carrie A. Nelson

When you look at me...

When you look at me how could you truly know?
Take a step forward, focus.
I know I see you and you frighten me.
You are not my fear of darkness, violence or disaster.
You are my human fear of vanishing.
Marks we make on this world are important.
They extend into our entire universe and beyond, with an
energy that returns upon the extender.
Each day has become so soulful; I see
more individuality now.
It has ignited my oneness, my smallness, my largeness and
my DNA connection with my Creator.
This is a gift to all and by grace I am learning it.
This Journey is not without its pitfalls,
But is abundant in opportunities for learning.
All are gifts once we know of their meaning.
Struggles bring blessings or they wouldn’t exist.
I wouldn’t exist.
What has brought me to this point of learning is that
Things can change in an instant; Poof!
They’re gone; You’re gone; Poof!
Your life has changed without your permission.
Oh! Those slippery slopes.
My body no longer serves me well,
Oh well, they say it is best to just except it. Either way
it is still there.
Forget about it. It doesn’t matter.
There are still two more of me left.
My mind has become continual and my spirit just trickles along, but that’s ok.
Two of me is better then none. © 2006 Linda Margaret Nagy, Chronic Pain Sufferer 6th year.

I Can’t Imagine

I can’t imagine the life they are living
It must be like having one foot in hell
To hear the war sirens blaring in the night
To beg and plead for morning light
In the morning; the death is still near
But it would be better without the darkness
Hoping that when light breaks you are still in one piece
That the hearts of your family and friends still beat
The utter realization that life is not valued
To not know what heartache the next day will bring
To fear death all around you
Is too much for my mind to construe
© 2006 Carrie A. Nelson.

For In this Moment

In one moment I can see
In one moment I can feel and hear
Tasting the moment is difficult at times
But it is never without flavor
In stillness is grace and forgiveness
Energy is everywhere to help heal
It lifts you up to a new place
Where vision is not from the eyes
Tomorrow is not here yet
Yesterday is gone forever
This moment is mine to breathe in
And to breathe out
This moment is the only one that truly counts
© 2006 Linda M. Nagy

A Classic Beauty

Me, Myself & I

©Karmen Naccarato

Knowing I am loved. I am that "I AM"

The birds loudly speak thankfully
And drowns out the racing of my heart
ringing in my ears and out of myself
No place that feels silent, to call home,
Home the place that contains comfort
Of which my body no longer knows.

Hard to be me… I need to be me
Too many dips in the road which are now a given
Always trying to figure a better way
Never knowing what the next moment will feel,
So in this moment I can stay.

It is good I am not crying today, for it is there
I find the scary side of self.
It is here that I use most of my strength.
Each day holds a miracle, thank God, he helps me see 
I am grateful of many things.
Too numerous to mention!

My physical self relentlessly
hammers at my spirit and emotion’s.
Constant barrages of symptoms plague me,
Pulling, pocking and stabbing   me.

For reasons, I have now come to this place.
For reasons no longer apply.
Reasons I have come to this place may
never ever be known.
It matters not or shouldn’t.

I just really miss me!
I will get over it…in time I know.
When it is my time I will
no longer wear this armor of pain,
my emotions will cease.
My spirit will run free.

When this day happens I am ready,
Till that day happens I am here.
Trying to forget what I feel,
Forget the pain and find the best of each day

Perhaps my lesson is “Acceptance”
Linda Margaret Nagy
Aka Peach

©2006 Linda Margaret Nagy, Chronic Pain Sufferer

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