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- Supporting Those With Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME & Associated Illnesses


Carrie (Cuz)

Reaching Out’s Advocate Services

About Us:

Services are FREE and available to all survivor’s of chronic fatigue, (ME) and fibromyalgia. We are not professionals, but survivor’s ourselves who have had years of experience of locating and utilizing resources dealing with these illnesses.

A Reaching Out Advocate can:

Discuss a problem with you confidentially
Be accessible to meet with you either by phone, email, or in a private chat room
Research potential solutions to your problems
Provide you with information and resources

Here’s some examples of what a Reaching Out Advocate can help you with:

Finding affordable health care & prescriptions
Locating a specialist in your area
Chronic pain resources
Emergency food and shelter resources

To contact us, use the email link. If possible, state the problem(s) and allow two to three days to get back with you.



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