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- Supporting Those With Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME & Associated Illnesses

About Us

Reaching Out started in 2004 with just a group of friends who had met online in an educational group forum. We decided at that time that we cared so deeply about each other, we wanted to continue beyond our class. We also decided that all of us lacked support, medical and research information, and a safe place to go to feel at home. From these seeds, Reaching Out was born.

We are a group of eight people, called our “core” group who come from all our the US and UK. We are all suffering from these horrid illnesses, though the names may differ, and together we continue to be here.  In 2014, we became a 501(3)c and officially became Reaching Out Inc.

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Enjoy your time here. Call this a second home. For some, it may be more
of a first. For all, it is a safe place, hopeful, sometimes fun, sometimes serious,
but always caring for those who come here. Nobody will be turned away with these illnesses who need our support.

Please support our Amazon link and our advertisers. Because of them, we are here. We chose them and them, us because we have like minds – People becoming better is our purpose. And remember, there is hope through awareness.

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